From traveler to storyteller

In Get Lost we aim to host travelers like the way we do when dear friends from abroad visit our country. We are eager to show together our favorite activities & experiences.

Our vision is to become a unique adventure travel company. Our practices are navigating us to offer epic expeditions during which our co-travelers will immerse in once in a lifetime experiences. We strive for inner growth. Both ours and our co-travelers and we work to achieve that by organically inspire the world around us by representing a value set which assists us to become better human beings and leave a positive footprint on our planet and the people we encounter.


Via cultural immersion with activities that bring people closer to nature, we expose our guests to astonishing and unfamiliar places, foods, and activities.


Our programs support local economies and aim to minimize our traveling environmental footprint.


In a nutshell, we integrate our business activities in the industry of tourism with those of ethics, environmental respect, and humanity while connecting people and create small communities which will carry with them our touch.