Behind Get Lost, a unique blend of different backgrounds and talents has joined forces. By combining their strengths and unique characteristics, a mosaic of personalities has formed a family of Gods who will guide you around Greece in the journey of a lifetime.

Angeliki Vaxevanaki

Managing director & Founder

Chris Sidiropoulos

Head of Marketing and Sales – Co founder

Angeliki, who we have chosen to represent Artemis, is a true adventure seeker with a truly untamed spirit. Since her childhood, she enjoys spending her free time snowboarding deep in the backcountry, hiking and camping near her home in Thessaloniki, or navigating the blue waters of the Aegean Sea in summer. Angeliki has spent her young life traveling to almost every corner of Greece where she has been captivated by the incredible people who share her same love and appreciation for the breathtaking beauty, timeless history and never-ending legacy of the country, and is what inspired her to create Get Lost.

During her creation of Get Lost, she has gained the respect of her team for her creative mind and unparalleled work ethic. With more than ten years of experience as a corporate event manager and marketing consultant, she has enjoyed much success with multinational companies like Coca Cola, Henkel, Procter & Gamble and Tetrapak, to name just a few. Graduating from the American College of Greece in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management & Marketing Communications, Angeliki has since then created the widely successful “Pirates of the Aegean.” A unique sailing expedition throughout the islands of Greece which is now considered to be one of the most unique ways to see the Greek islands. Using her bow and arrow, with its unerring aim, our Artemis sets our goals and makes sure we never miss our target.

Just like the God Apollo, Chris is our god of music and the arts, and each morning he welcomes us to the office with a new song in our inboxes. With Chris’ special artistic ability and creative eye, the Get Lost branding has been very successful. Being the co-founder of Get Lost, his sharp mind, persistence and self motivation has allowed the new company to get off to a racing start, with no slowing down in sight. Chris comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Angila University of Cambridge with over 14 years of experience in the field with Advertising and Marketing.


He is able to accurately and effectively set the tone for our operations and together, with Angeliki, is working diligently to create the next big adventure. When he is not sharing music with his co-workers or working to design new itineraries, Chris enjoys traveling around Greece while searching for new destinations and experiences that can be shared by all. His humor and kindness, along with his restless spirit make him the perfect candidate to be our “Illuminated God” of Get Lost.




Kassiani Tsagka

Head of Operations

Kassiani is very closely connected to the god Aphrodite, the goddess of love and passion. Kassiani demonstrates her love and passion on any project she oversees, ensuring that those under her close supervision always know the end goal and feed off of her energy. She holds a Mathematical Science degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and went on to receive an MBA from Athens University in economics. One of her true loves came shortly after her schooling as she discovered the excitement and mystery of travel, spending time each year to travel to a new global destination. This has allowed Kassiani to meet new people, experience new culture and gain important connections. Through time, her passion for learning has evolved into a burning desire to share her knowledge and begin teaching. She has worked as a Math teacher for more than 8 years. During her time as a math teacher, she has successfully organized short educational trips for students throughout Greece. With skiing being one of her favorite hobbies, winter travel itineraries are her favorite. Kassiani is the person behind all operations that are necessary in order to successfully develop our itineraries. Today, Kassiani is the practical and methodical mind behind the company and helps to organize and implement almost every itinerary that is created for Get Lost.


Philip Stamatiou

Product Manager – Pirates of the Aegean

Ever since Philip was a small child, his dream has been to live on an Aegean island. It was without a doubt that we chose Poseidon, the god of the sea and marine life, for Philip. Our Poseidon holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Athens University, and majored in Economics and Business. During his undergraduate research, Philip became involved with AIESEC, the largest youth leadership development organization in the world. Coupled with his studies, this organization helped him gain vital connections and experience, where he was introduced to adventure travel and global business development markets. Our Poseidon is easily the most well-traveled member of Get Lost, having lived in Spain and Argentina for a handful of years and has traveled to over 60 countries so far in his young life. His nomadic lifestyle has allowed him to not only understand the difficult subjects of Business Development, sales management and community expansion, but to excel and distinguish himself from others working in similar fields. Outside of his involvement with Pirates of the Aegean, Philip is also the co-founder of Impact Hub Athens, a global community where young social entrepreneurs and innovators can meet, share ideas and network. On the rare occasion that he is not exploring the Aegean Archipelagos, he enjoys the freedom of snow skiing at one of the many ski destinations near Athens. This talented, intellectual and multidimensional god will be your guide as you sail around the Greek seas on the adventure of a lifetime.


Maria Noula

Head of R&D

Author of over 20 schoolbooks, Maria has a deep passion for Greek history and language, which made our decision to make her the goddess of wisdom and knowledge a simple one. As the guide and helper of many heroes during ancient times, this contemporary, hardworking and modest hero is the one who is responsible for the historical content integration to our itineraries.  A mother of two boys, successful business woman and close friend to many, Maria uses her curiosity and positive attitude to consistently produce an impressive product in which she brings credible content to the Get Lost travel itineraries.

Maria holds a double BA honors degree from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. Currently, she works as a History and Greek Literature professor while also a co-owner of a coaching school where she helps young adults prepare for the rigors of college academics.


Dylan Johnston

Content Manager

Since Zeus was the god of the sky, we felt that it was only fitting to make Dylan our god of the skies and give him the title of Zeus, as he is a licensed pilot and aspires to fly around the globe someday as a commercial airline pilot. Dylan is currently studying Aeronautical Science at Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. His minor course of study, travel communications, has landed Dylan with us, and his writing skills have been imperative to our operation which helps us increase our connections in the United States.


During Dylan's spring break trip to Greece last year, he and Angeliki crossed paths, which gave Dylan with an opportunity to work with Pirates of the Aegean. His enthusiasm and dedication for the project led Dylan to pursue an Independent Research Study at his University so he could further his efforts with the company. As the work progressed, Dylan has now joined the Get Lost team and is responsible for the content and copywriting material for the website and itineraries. Outside of the work and school environment, Dylan enjoys golfing and hosts a weekly talk show on the local radio station where he and a friend discuss sports, news and weather with a humorous spin on most topics.


Jay Weiss

US Regional Manager

Jay is one of a kind personality. He does everything with his own unique style. Ready for fun and the heart of the party, this well rounded guy, always informed about everything, knows how to get things done. This is why we chose Dionysus, the God of entertainment, wine and fun to represent Jay.  He is currently studying Aeronautical Science at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach.  A pilot and surfer, he loves traveling and is always open to new expeditions and adventures.


During his spring break trip to Greece, Jay met Angeliki and became close friends. Being exposed to the Greek culture and lifestyle, he immediately wanted to come back. Thus a year later, they decided that they wanted to work together in order to expand Get Lost to the US. Since then, this hot shot guy became the Regional Manager for the US and one of the most dedicated members of the team.