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Study Abroad in Greece
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more than a change of scenery
out-of-the-ordinary study abroad adventures


An immersive journey of quests – to the treasures of the idyllic Aegean Isles, its mysterious gods, its pirate glories.

Where the wind carries students to deeper knowledge and renewed perspective.

Where your classes take place anywhere but the classroom.

Get Lost in Greece

and its timeless history.


Delve into the mythical wilderness of the Greek mainland, where democracy and philosophy were born.

Raft the rivers of Hades and conquer the heights of Mount Olympus.

Listen for the whispers of ancient wisdom as you walk the rhythms of hidden gorges and centenarian villages.

Let the land be your students’ greatest teacher.


Network with state-of-the-art institutions and connect with professionals from around the world.

Work with specialists related to your field of study, exchange knowledge, and participate in cutting-edge, real-life projects.

Build the fundamentals of common and professional understanding, to deepen your comprehension of the world and bridge

any diversity.

Take your classsroom into unique spaces. Study inside a catacomb.


At the junction of east and west – in the cradle of logic, theatre, the Hippocratic Oath and history –

 Greece is where time heightens minds and shaped civilizations.


Debate life and academics in a hilltop monastery. Find middle ground, in the birthplace of the Golden Mean. Walk in the footsteps of mythical and real-life heroes – of the men who battled the gods and redefined human society.


As did our ancestors, meet with us in the place that bridges cultures and differences, where great thinkers convene to develop new ideas of democracy, philosophy, and the sciences. Let’s chase sacred mysteries and traverse miniscule yet extraordinary pinpoints on the map, to reach both deep inside and far beyond ourselves.



Evolution through experiential travel is not a new concept.

As early as 2,500 years ago, the Ancient Greeks journeyed overseas to explore the cultural institutions and legal systems of other nations. Upon return to Greece, they reported their findings to a designated “Supreme Council,” which evaluated this new knowledge and decided which inclusions should be integrated into Greek culture.


Get Lost is designed as an academic program that encourages similar evolution. More than a study abroad experience, more than an adventure, more than world travel – this is also a program that provides the essentials for students to embark on a life and career that bridge diversity and embrace a global perspective.

Opportunity reveals itself in a thousand forms.


Gather your students to embark on a faculty-led sailing expedition and to summit mountain discovery. Explore industry as you can only do in Greece. Take your class anywhere but the classroom.


Yield to the magnetic pull of possibility. To the promise that anything can happen, when you consent to stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging your perceptions.

Expand your horizons. Be a participant in your own evolution. Say yes to the places, the moments, and the occasions that forge new paths and build resolve.

Shape Confidence

Wrapped in the comfort of a safety net, your students answer the call of challenge – of adventure. As they seek outside their comfort zones, they build confidence from within.



If you want to be understood, you must first chase understanding. As students travel to meet their fellow global citizens, they will grow to better know the world.



Open new opportunities and expand mindsets. Invite your students to build compassion and calibrate a team ethos that yields reward from cooperation.



Working side-by-side in professional workshops, students will weave knowledge, shared experience, and networks born from collaboration, into the tapestry of their professional lives.



Sitting together, feet touching the sea. Sail, hike, raft, swim, play and explore together. These are the moments, adventures, and memories that forge lifelong friendships.

Bridge Differences

Every kind smile, every shared meal, every conversation cobbled together from new vocabulary and signed language – these are the moments that bridge diversity and erode perceived difference.

Learn Adaptability

As students grasp at unpredictability, they learn the thrill of spontaneity – of the freeness born from a hands-on practice in flexibility and versatility. The ability to readjust, as necessary.

Answer the Call of Adventure

The world will always listen.

When students go out of their comfort zone, they learn to approach life with daring, boldness, and courage.
They acquire



Nomadic travel teaches focus and the ability to ignore distraction, whether it’s the hypnotic siren call of the sea, or the buzz of a busy office, or a traveling professional’s busy lifestyle.



Anchoring up, raising sails, mastering the wind and the sea, conquering wild summits – transformation and challenge are the discomforts that precede

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