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Get Lost Team

Embrace any challenge - from soaring peaks to audacious paths, with relentless winds and daring goals.

Our extraordinary team of experts orchestrates and flawlessly navigates every aspect, ensuring an unforgettable journey or event. 

Trust in our expertise for an exhilarating experiences like no other


As travelers ourselves, we explore. As often as possible!

And then, we share our uncommon discoveries with you: a Greece woven from time – a gossamer web of dazzling sunsets and wild landscapes, brilliant minds and ancient memory.

A place that lights our imagination aflame and begs evermore exploration.


We wholeheartedly inhabit the pursuit of perfection.

Get Lost is rooted in this passion – in a solid foundation of strong organizational skills, unrelenting attention to detail, and the continual pursuit of mastery.

As a result, we have been honored with multiple Tourism Awards, both in Greece and abroad.


The beauty and bounty of Greece are the perfect canvas for out-of-bounds experiences – for taking your skill set out of the norm and beyond the everyday. Our trips and retreats are designed to coax your group to seek solutions

and conquer challenges – to grow both together and as individuals.


You should gaze out at your window – at ancient forums, turquoise coves, and mountaintop lookouts – and feel an immense and visceral connection to these places and spaces. Because they are now yours, forever embedded in heart and memory.

Exactly as you envisioned. This is the power of handcrafted choice.

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Get Lost Boat Life
Get Lost Sailing Boat Capitan
Get Lost Corporate Event in Greece


Epic Experiences for Leaders and Retreat Guides Since 2016

Angeliki Vaxevanaki Founder & CEO Get Lost

Founder & CEO

With over 15 years of experience and a recipient of multiple awards, Angeliki embarked on a remarkable journey during the challenging times of the Greek economic crisis. Leaving her role as Marketing Director in ASIT travel agency, she fearlessly founded Get Lost.

From a young age, Angeliki was immersed in action sports and travel, fueled by a deep passion for kite surfing, snowboarding, sailing, and the beauty of Greece. Her vision was to create a cutting-edge boutique agency that not only offered exceptional experiences but also supported local communities, bringing people together in a meaningful way.

As Angeliki grew alongside Get Lost, her vision expanded and became influenced by the transformative Boulder Thesis. Currently, she is dedicated to establishing Greece as an innovation hub in technology, particularly in the fields of software, data science, cyber security, and bio tech.

With her unwavering commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, Angeliki is driving Get Lost towards a future where Greece thrives as a beacon of innovation and unforgettable experiences.

Co - founder & Operations Director

With a background in Events Planning, Hospitality Industry, Audio Production, and Music Business, Kostas joined forces with Get Lost in 2018, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the team.

Growing up in an Athens suburb, Kostas was deeply inspired by the connection between people, their traditions, and the abundant natural beauty surrounding them. As a musician and composer, he thrives on exploration, mountaineering, snowboarding, and sailing, fuelling his love for adventure.

Kostas's vision for the tourism industry and hospitality perfectly aligns with Get Lost. He envisions bringing people together through unique bonding experiences, fostering connections that are meaningful and memorable.

After 5 years of dedicated collaboration with Get Lost, Kostas and the team share a common mission and goals. They are committed to establishing Greece as the premier destination for work, connection, commuting, networking, and leisure. Together, they look towards an exciting future where Greece becomes the epitome of extraordinary experiences.

Kostas Giannakou, Co-Founder Get Lost
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