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At Get Lost, we believe in the magic of travel – in its potential to forge creativity and strengthen bonds, to push boundaries and connect people on a deeper level.


Our journeys are seeded in a culture of fun, creativity and teamwork, with 10 years of experience, high-prestige clientele, and a series of national and international awards to document our dedication.

Say yes only to that which strengthens your path and tastes of magic.

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Local Expertise

As travelers ourselves, we explore. As often as possible!

And then, we share our uncommon discoveries with you: a Greece woven from time – a gossamer web of dazzling sunsets and wild landscapes, brilliant minds and ancient memory.

A place that lights our imagination aflame and begs evermore exploration.



We wholeheartedly inhabit the pursuit of perfection.

Get Lost is rooted in this passion – in a solid foundation of strong organizational skills, unrelenting attention to detail, and the continual pursuit of mastery.

As a result, we have been honored with multiple Tourism Awards, both in Greece and abroad.



The beauty and bounty of Greece are the perfect canvas for out-of-bounds experiences – for taking your skill set out of the norm and beyond the everyday. Our trips and retreats are designed to coax your group to seek solutions

and conquer challenges

– to grow both together

and as




You should gaze out at your window – at ancient forums, turquoise coves, and mountaintop lookouts – and feel an immense and visceral connection to these places and spaces.

Because they are now yours, forever embedded in heart and memory.

Exactly as you envisioned. This is the power of handcrafted choice.

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