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Life abroad a sailboat
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The sea has taught us to design exhilarating flotilla expeditions.




1. a group of small ships

2. a group moving together


In a flotilla, two or more sailboats travel together. Trust us to keep you comfortably adrift.

To date, we have organized more than 30 flotilla experiences and have sailed more than 5,000 nautical miles. We’ve hosted diverse groups and have moored our boats in all weather conditions. With every Meltemi or Siroco gust, every cove where we drop anchor, every port we dock, we embrace the invitation to learn something new.



Our captains conquer the wildest seas, discover unfound places, and master the art of seamanship. 


As they say, smooth seas never made skillful sailors. The water is an education and, like you, we are passionate about the challenge of safe sailing and smooth expeditions. No matter how the winds blow, our captains will safely dock your sailboat in any marina,

under any conditions.



The Aegean is one of the friendliest and cleanest seas in the world, and Greece’s archipelago is unexpectedly diverse. 


Whether moored in rocky coves, surrounded by sandy beaches, or answering the challenge of ocean thrills – sailing courses, SUP, snorkeling, and wind or kitesurfing – there is a compulsive pull to experience it all and to embrace the endless possibilities.

Have fun in secluded coves
Snorkeling in Greece
paddle boarding in Cyclades
Relax in the middle of the sea
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