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At Get Lost, we’re relentless about the details and obsessed with your experience.


Every day, we interact with travelers and – when we’re not in the field, running operations – we look out to ancient Greece from our office and sneak glimpses of the Aegean. Every day, we are called, again and again, to craft journeys that share in this magic – in this sheer force of nature and longing for adventure.


To this, we add hospitality and professionalism. We settle for nothing less than excellently executed land and sea retreats, trips, and experiences that expand the mind and change lives.


Element: Water
The ocean is calling.
We must go.

Element: Earth
It's not the terrain we conquer.
It's ourselves.

Get Lost Sailing Captain

Hospitality Expertise

Greece is the motherland of hospitality: Tourism is deeply rooted in our culture, passed down by the parents and grandparents who taught us to make guests feel at home, when away from home. We are proud to consider hospitality more than a practice; it is our intuition, our birthright, our calling.


This inspiring influence is what compels us to turn our legacy into professional practice. It is our innate approach to any traveler who crosses our path – who drives us to pay attention to every detail, beginning with trip planning and the training of our crew, through to execution of both itinerary and Greece’s legendary hospitality.

Our promise – our compulsive ambition – is to nourish your journey. To take away your stress and fulfill every plan. To spoil you, care for you, and ensure that Greece delivers the best experience of your life.

Curated Destinations

The people who shape Get Lost have lifetimes invested in Greece – in traveling every corner, answering nature’s every challenge, and scouting the most hidden places. In creating deep bonds with our communities.


Equipped with this unrivaled local knowledge and a heritage of hospitality, we are driven to care for our guests – to nurture heart and mind, to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary, and to help you experience every corner, every taste, every wave, and every mountaintop. Like locals do. Like we do.

Every destination we curate is one-of-a-kind – far from the mainstream and crafted from innovation. From authentic Greek flavors and deep cultural significance, to immersive activities and handmade souvenirs, we promise to satiate your wanderlust with unprecedented memories. 


Evolve from traveler to storyteller.


At Get Lost, we are natural adventurers and instinctual explorers – pathfinders addicted to both the journey and the destination. Our team of diverse experts and personalities are united by common passions and guided by professionalism.


From our captains, guides and hosts, to our operations team, activities experts, and administrative staff, we build our strength together. An alloy of heart and expertise – each element capable, even stronger in combination – we combine our distinct proficiencies and personalities to synthesize an experience born of in-depth coordination and access to nature.


We play like pirates and work like captains. Our preparation, training and hard work are balanced with untamed joy and genuine bonding that allow us to both connect and grow as a team.

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