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Preparedness, caution, and precaution – this is how we build a culture of safety.


Here’s how we keep you safe.

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Our safety standards are inspired by aviation’s strictest standards and were developed in collaboration with the Hellenic Rescue Team and aviation specialists.



Our culture of safety resides in foresight, extrapolates every possible eventuality, creates an action plan, and then cultivates and refines our team’s instincts.  

Team Training

We create and regularly run drills to handle every feasible scenario. Safety comes down to seconds, so we make sure our reactions are second-nature. No delays.

Drilled to


A plan is only as good as its practice. We run frequent and rigorous drills, to train our team in every aspect of safety and emergency response.


Safety Procedures

We have thorough safety procedures, which we review with you at every stage and reinforce through our own behavior. Our routines will become yours – and will help cultivate a stronger personal culture of safety within your group.

Risk Management

Our safety procedures are fundamentally based in critical perceptions, on-the-spot decision making, and how to handle both individual situations and life. We inspire travelers to enjoy and to push boundaries, and to stay safe while adventuring.



Every, single member of our staff is certified in First Aid, both on land and by sea. We require yearly refreshment courses. We also carry fully equipped First Aid kits everywhere we go and meticulously plan our first aid reactions.

Our Undivided


Your captains, hosts, and trip directors – every member of our team is wholly focused on your group. While you’d be one of many on most trips, at Get Lost we have zero distractions. Your group is our only priority.

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