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At Get Lost, we were born to chase thrills – an adrenaline rush, the wisdom of Mother Nature, a thirst for all things wild. When did you first answer nature’s call?


Like you, we are now hopelessly hooked – willfully bound to the elements, chasing our passions and growing with each new adventure. We can’t resist. We freely submit. Because, we’ve learned–


In order to find yourself, you first need to Get Lost.

Extraordinary, Curated Experiences

Chase Adventure & Satiate the Soul

Evolve from Travelers to Storytellers



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Lead your unique retreat in Greece and explore its isles aboard private sailboats. Teach your practice in hidden, untouched venues and immerse yourself in community and nature. Unite in adventure. Go with the flow.



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Design a personalized, faculty-led summer program. Embark on an academic adventure of ocean expedition, mountain discovery, and Greek industry. Teach your classes anywhere but a classroom.



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Transform your incentive trips, team-building, remote work, and other corporate initiatives. Weave connection from shared challenges and inspire creativity on unparalleled sailing and mountain adventures.

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