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Navigating Success: Sailboat vs. Boardroom for Your Next Team Kick Off

In the realm of kick off events, there's a growing trend among forward-thinking companies to break away from traditional boardroom settings and embark on unique adventures. While the allure of the boardroom may still hold sway for some, an increasing number of organizations are recognizing the value of thinking outside the box. In this article, we'll explore how progressive companies are embracing unique experiences like sailing adventures for their sales kick offs, and the benefits they reap as a result. 

Sailing Kick Off Retreats

Embracing Innovation and Unconventionality:

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. Forward-thinking companies understand that creativity thrives in environments that foster unconventional thinking. Sailing kick off retreats provide the perfect remote workspace for sparking innovation, with the open sea serving as a canvas for fresh ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. By offering such unique team experiences like sailing kick offs, companies signal their commitment to innovation and set themselves apart as industry leaders.

Fostering Collaboration and Team Dynamics:

Effective sales teams rely on strong collaboration and cohesive team dynamics to drive success. Traditional boardroom settings may facilitate discussions, but they often lack the immersive environment needed to truly foster teamwork. Sailing adventures offer a unique opportunity for team members to bond and collaborate in a dynamic setting. From navigating the waters to working as a team in order to sail from one destination to another, forge strong bonds among team members, enhancing collaboration and camaraderie.

Sailing Adventures organized by Get Lost

Driving Engagement and Motivation:

Motivated and engaged employees are the lifeblood of any successful organization. While traditional kick off events may serve their purpose, they often fail to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of employees. Sailing adventures inject a sense of excitement and adventure into the kick off experience, reigniting passion and motivation among team members. The thrill of mastering new skills and conquering the elements inspires a sense of achievement and pride, driving engagement and motivation throughout the team. 

Building Lasting Relationships and Memories:

Beyond the immediate objectives of the corporate event, sailing kick off retreats create lasting memories and forge strong relationships among team members. The shared experiences of facing challenges, celebrating successes, and enjoying moments of relaxation and fun strengthen bonds and build a sense of community within the team. These connections extend beyond the kick off event, fostering a supportive and collaborative culture that drives long-term success.

Harnessing Kick Off Events for Enhanced Employer Branding and Culture:

In addition, kick off events offer a prime opportunity to cultivate compelling content that strengthens employer branding relationships and underscores the importance of corporate cultures centered on human connections. These gatherings serve as fertile ground for capturing authentic moments of teamwork, innovation, and shared purpose, which can be leveraged across various communication channels. By highlighting the collective achievements and collaborative spirit of the team, kick off events not only reinforce the organization's brand identity but also showcase its commitment to fostering genuine relationships. Through storytelling and multimedia content generated from these events, companies can effectively communicate their values and ethos, while attracting new talent because they offer unique experiences.

sailing retreats Get Lost


In today’s dynamic business environment, where innovation and creativity are pivotal for success, progressive companies are revolutionizing the conventional kick-off experience. At Get Lost, we understand the crucial role these events play in enhancing employee experience, increasing retention, and lowering employee turnover. By introducing unique adventures like sailing excursions, we're not just differentiating your brand but also elevating employee branding and achieving key HR KPIs.

Our experiences are designed to foster collaboration, drive engagement, and build enduring relationships within your teams. These elements are essential in creating a positive and productive work culture that not only attracts but retains top talent. By choosing Get Lost for your next corporate kick-off, you’re opting for more than just an event; you’re investing in a transformative journey that aligns with your organizational goals.

You could settle for the conventional by booking at a typical venue, or you can take a bold step with Get Lost, where we offer more than just a destination – we deliver a journey that resonates with your team’s aspirations and your company’s vision. As you plan your next corporate milestone, consider charting a new course with Get Lost. Embrace the transformative power of unique experiences and watch as they contribute significantly to your organization's overall success and employee satisfaction.


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