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aHOY sailors!

We're thrilled about your upcoming trip, and our goal is to create a truly enchanting experience for you, making it one of the most magical moments of your life.


This form holds immense significance, as it contains essential details such as your arrival and departure dates, dietary preferences for meal planning, vital medical information for emergencies, and other pertinent details to ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip.



Currency exchange can be a hassle, and it's common to end up with unfavorable exchange rates that leave you feeling like you've been taken advantage of. Instead, consider keeping your money in your bank account to avoid these inconveniences and potential losses.




US banks frequently impose hefty fees for currency exchange, and even AAA rates can be steep. Unless I'm certain I'll need cash for an airport driver, I avoid carrying any currency with me, except when I already have some Euros at home, which is quite common.


Using an airport ATM is an option, but it's advisable to wait until settling into your destination and then visit a bank's ATM. In many foreign countries, you'll find ATMs at stores and various locations, but banks offer assistance and are close to your hotel. It's wise not to carry large sums, as they can be lost or stolen in the excitement of exploring a new place.

Make sure to contact your bank

and credit card companies! 
Make sure to inform each of your banks and credit card providers about your upcoming trip. It's advisable to carry backups in case of loss or issues with one card. I usually carry three bank cards and three credit cards for added security. You can complete most of this process online, but it's also a good idea to call and confirm your travel plans.

Check all fees for bank cards

and credit cards. 
Be aware of foreign transaction fees on your cards to avoid unexpected charges. Similarly, anticipate ATM fees from both your bank and local banks. If your card waives ATM transaction fees, ensure it applies internationally.


If you're a frequent traveler, consider opening a Charles Schwab bank account. They offer zero ATM fees, even internationally. Just transfer funds into the account before your trips to save money on ATM withdrawals, whether you're traveling for an extended period or just need frequent access to cash.

When using your credit card and you are offered the option, choose to pay in the currency of the country you are in. Your credit card will provide you with a better rate than the vendor. Save those extra dollars for an extra glass of wine.

​Clean out your wallet!
Leave home any extra bank, credit or gift cards stuffed in your wallet. If you end up losing your wallet, you will have unnecessary things to worry about and replace.

​Lastly, give up some change to those in need! It gets a little heavy carrying all those coins that you will most likely forget to use anyways.​

what to pack


Get Lost Sailing Trip Packing List

  • Soft Cell Suitcase / Duffle bag

  • Comfortable Summer Clothing

  • Swimsuit

  • Flip flops

  • Sneakers

  • Socks & Underwear

  • Micro Fiber Beach Towel

  • Toiletry Bag ncluding your necessities, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sponge, toothbrush, toothpaste and anything else that you might need.

  • Sunscreen

  • European Plug Adapter / Chargers / Power Bank

  • Hat

  • Backpack

  • Rain Jacket & Hoodie

  • Yoga/ workout clothes

  • Good Vibes


meeting points

Also do not forget!

1. Passport
2. International Driving License (In case you want to rent an ATV or a Car during your trip)

3. Airticket





Hard-shell suitcases won't fit in our boat cabins, so please bring a duffle bag to transfer any items you'd like to have during the sailing trip. Your hard-shell suitcase will be securely stored at the Get Lost Headquarters and returned to you on the last day of the trip.

You don't need to pack a yoga mat, but if you have a personal favourite you'd like to bring, you're welcome to do so.

boat orientation video


athens airport meeting point

Our main meeting point will be at the airport at the Restaurant of Sofitel Hotel,  located opposite to Athens Airport, approximately 700ft walking distance from your terminal.
A Get Lost Representative will wait for you there and will be wearing a Get Lost shirt and hat. If you want to see our team, please follow our instagram page .


Your retreat leader will inform you on the meeting time and bus departure time.
















If you have arrived in Athens some days prior to our meeting day and you want to avoid commuting at the airport, you have the optoion to meet us at DIONYSUS ZONAR'S RESTAURANT parking lot (find location here)

Your retreat leader will inform you on the meeting time and bus departure time.

what if there is a delay in my flight?

In case there is a delay in your flight you will need to get a taxi to Kalamaki Marina and meet us there. There is a vast availability of taxis outside the airport.

If such an unfortunate event occurs please contact Kostas (+306945604376), our operations manager, via WhatsApp, so to give you further guidance on how to meet us at the marina.


Bus for the airport will depart from Athens Marina on the last day (Saturday) approximately at 9.30 am.

how to contact my group and the get lost team?

Make sure to download WhatsApp

on your phone

Please ensure you've downloaded WhatsApp on your phone. This will allow your retreat leader to add you to the trip group, keeping you informed about your journey, itinerary, and any potential changes.

If you're traveling with your spouse, friend, and/or family members, and only one of you will be using a phone, kindly inform your retreat leader about the specific individuals to include in the WhatsApp Group. We appreciate your prompt completion of this task.


follow our instagram storieS HERE



The Greek sun is potent and should be taken seriously. Particularly when you're out at sea or engaged in activities such as hiking, snorkeling, or sailing, prolonged exposure without adequate hydration, wearing a hat, and using sunscreen can increase the risk of heat strokes. Your safety and well-being are paramount, so please take precautions.

Sea dangers

The Greek archipelago is one of the cleanest and safest in the world. No dangerous marine life exists in the Hellenic Ocean.  The only think to be cautious about is sea urchins on shallow rocky waters - they do not move so they are easy to avoid and they are rare to find during our journey.



Pickpocketing and bag snatching does exist, but it's not as common as you would expect. Picpockets usually lurk around popular tourist destinations and big cities like Athens, but applying simple precaution measures should minimize this risk.


It is very safe for women to travel to Greece. Just following common sense and applying basic precaution measures (not walking around in the dark, in empty streets, not finding yourself alone with strange men) should ensure that your travel goes without any incidents.


important phone numbers

us embassy in athens






+30210 7294444
+30210 7202490




Emergency Line 112


Central Police Phone Number 100


Tourism Police 1571

Traffic/ Car Accident Police 10400

life on the boat

aye aye captain

Safety is our top priority on board. We have one golden rule: always heed your captain's instructions.

Our captains conquer the wildest seas, discover unfound places, and master the art of seamanship. 


As they say, smooth seas never made skillful sailors. The water is an education and, like you, we are passionate about the challenge of safe sailing and smooth expeditions. No matter how the winds blow, our captains will safely dock your sailboat in any marina,

under any conditions.

During your journey, you'll have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of sailing. Our captains are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, and weather permitting, you can enjoy optional sailing lessons. If you're inclined to embrace the winds and want to play with the sails, you're more than welcome to join in.


We have 4G internet routers on the boats, which provide reliable connectivity. However, as it relies on 4G signals, there may be times when we're in the middle of the sea or at secluded coves where reception could be limited. The service is suitable for messaging apps and internet browsing but not for video calls.

If you'd like to stay constantly connected, share your experiences on social media, or video call family, friends, or even your pets, you might consider purchasing a local SIM card during the trip. To do so, ensure your phone is unlocked to accept European cards from home. Upon arrival, you can find a store at the airport on the arrivals floor that sells local SIM cards. Greece has three phone operators: Cosmote, Vodafone Greece, and Wind Greece, with Cosmote offering the best coverage.

Alternatively, you can inquire about adding an international plan with your current provider by simply giving them a call.


Do you have a strong attachment to time? We regret to inform you that on a sailboat, time takes on a different dimension. The presence or absence of strong winds, unexpected anchor entanglements, or contrary currents can all influence our estimated schedule.

Time aboard a sailing boat operates in two distinct modes:

  1. Calm or windless periods: This is the time to bask in the sun, enjoy the sea, and cherish the camaraderie of your fellow travelers.

  2. When the wind picks up: It's full-on Sailing Time (AHOY)!

Embrace the opportunity to set your soul free and release the stress of keeping a strict schedule. Allow our team to work in harmony with nature's pace to craft a perfect and unforgettable experience for all on board.



Our journey encompasses 3-4 incredible islands, and the exact selection depends on both the weather conditions and the dynamics of our group.

In the event of winds blowing at more than 25 knots, get ready for an adventure as we adjust the itinerary to explore the captivating islands of the Saronic Gulf, including Poros, Hydra, Spetses, and the stunning coastline of Peoloponnese, with stops at Astros, Leonidion, and Epidaurus.

On the other hand, when the wind maintains its gentle sway below 25 knots, we set course for the enchanting Western Cyclades islands, where you'll have the chance to discover the wonders of Kea, Kythnos, Sifnos, Serifos, and Kimolos. Whether you're exploring the Saronic Gulf or the Western Cyclades, each journey promises a memorable and extraordinary experience.

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