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Sail Abroad with Get Lost: An Unparalleled Study Abroad Experience in Greece

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

When it comes to studying abroad, it's not just about changing your classroom's geographical coordinates; it's about transformation. Dive into a program that blends marine expeditions with mountainous discoveries and a firsthand introduction to the intricacies of Greek industry.

Sail the Aegean Isles

Imagine sailing the Aegean Isles, where the gentle whispers of the wind tell tales of mysterious gods and age-old pirate legends. With Get Lost's Sail Abroad program, the classroom has no boundaries. Students aren’t just confined to textbooks; they’re immersed in experiences. They sail to pristine islands, soak up history where it was made, and breathe in the rich tapestry of tales that the isles hold.

Summit Zeus's Mountains

The Greek mainland isn’t just about myths and legends; it’s where foundational concepts like democracy and philosophy sprouted. As students tread the same paths where ancient philosophers once walked, they don’t just learn – they live the lessons. The murmurs of hidden gorges and age-old villages hold stories, waiting to be discovered.

Collaborate in Workshops

Academic learning meets real-world application. Networking opportunities with premier institutions and global professionals form a significant chunk of the Sail Abroad program. It’s a mutual exchange – students get to work on real-time projects and glean knowledge from industry stalwarts, while professionals get a fresh perspective from the leaders of tomorrow.

Study Abroad in Greece

Greece isn’t just a nation; it’s a chronicle of time that has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. From hilltop monasteries that offer panoramic views to the narrow cobbled streets echoing tales of heroes who challenged the gods, Greece is a living museum. Every corner of this nation, every grain of its sand, has a story to tell.

Learn Through Travel

While experiential learning seems like a modern concept, it's rooted deep in history. Just like the ancient Greeks, who journeyed overseas to imbibe and later integrate cultural nuances into their society, our study abroad program emphasizes learning from diverse cultures. It’s not just about studying abroad; it's about preparing students for a global future where adaptability and understanding are paramount.

Get Lost Sail Abroad program students in class

A Special Invitation to Professors and Universities

If you're an educator or university representative reading this, we have a special message for you. We believe that true education transcends the four walls of a classroom. Greece, with its unparalleled history and mesmerizing landscapes, serves as an open-air university, waiting for its next batch of eager learners.

Why not gather your students and embark on a faculty-led sailing expedition? Picture it: lessons on the waves under the Grecian sun, discussions amidst the whispering winds of Zeus's mountains, and hands-on exploration of industry practices unique to Greece.

Get Lost's Sail Abroad program is not just another Study Abroad initiative; it's a transformative journey tailored for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and world-changers. With us, you won't just teach; you'll inspire.

So, if you're eager to break the educational mold and take your class anywhere but the traditional classroom, let's make waves together! Reach out to Get Lost today, and let's chart an unforgettable academic voyage for your students.


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