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To travel: to seek, to navigate, to adventure – this is the heart’s call and the soul’s demand. It is an unquenched thirst for exploration, the enduring promise of an adrenaline rush, an undeniable entreaty from Gaia herself.


At Get Lost, it is also our second nature. 


Descended of hospitality and called to seek thrills, we are bound to this synergy of legacy and passion: Born travel designers and consummate hosts, determined to chase down magic and bottle serendipity – to curate event and travel experiences that expand minds, connect teams and change lives. 

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At Get Lost, our people are the adventurers: the explorers, the voyagers, the daredevils. Like you, our hearts are drawn to the song of the sea and called by the promises of the mountain. Like our parents and grandparents before us, we are proud to consider Greek hospitality our heritage – our legacy. 


As a company, we are relentless about the details and obsessed with your experience. We craft journeys that share in the magic of Greece – in the sheer forces of nature, the wisdom of the ancients, and a longing for adventure. We are honored – and eager – to share this all with you.


Our promise – our compulsive ambition – is to nourish your journey. To strip away your stress and fulfill every plan. To spoil you, care for you, and ensure that Greece delivers the best experience of your life.


Our highest priority will always be your health, safety, and wellbeing.


At Get Lost, our safety philosophy is grounded in foresight and rooted in proactive planning: Inspired by aviation’s strictest standards, we train for every eventuality, obtain certification, and develop strict safety procedures. And then, we drill each scenario to rehearsed perfection. We’re ready.


We follow – and, whenever possible, exceed – local and international COVID-19 regulations. We are consistent in our cleaning, hygiene, and sanitization, and we innovate new measures to keep you safe, healthy, and happy. We take every extra step we can, so you can adventure with peace of mind.

Get Lost Travel Design Safety Measures
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