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The Retreat Trailblazers
Unleashing Epicness in Offsite Events 

Embark on an epic offsite adventure with Get Lost, the pioneers of transformative retreats and events. Discover thrilling team building, leadership development, and innovation experiences that ignite your soul's demand for exhilaration.

Let us curate transformative journeys that redefine retreats, fostering unbreakable bonds and igniting creativity.
Join us now and experience the extraordinary beyond the ordinary.


group of colleagues on a sailing boat
"This entire trip was a dream from the start. We have scaled Astraka Mnt., sailed the Aegean, seeing the best of Poseidon and explored the many villages and cities Greece has to offer. Thank you Get Lost, for an experience that I will remember when I take my first step on Mars."

ROB CONSOLO | Launch Range Management

NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre

5x Times Awarded for
Innovation & Strategic Development in Tourism

Silver Award as the Best Adventure Travel Company in Greece
by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek Tourism Organization

Get Lost Night Photography


At Get Lost, our people are the adventurers: the explorers, the voyagers, the daredevils. Like you, our hearts are drawn to the song of the sea and called by the promises of the mountain. Like our parents and grandparents before us, we are proud to consider Greek hospitality our heritage – our legacy. 


As a company, we are relentless about the details and obsessed with your experience. We craft journeys that share in the magic of Greece – in the sheer forces of nature, the wisdom of the ancients, and a longing for adventure. We are honored – and eager – to share this all with you.


Our promise – our compulsive ambition – is to nourish your journey. To strip away your stress and fulfill every plan. To spoil you, care for you, and ensure that Greece delivers the best experience of your life.


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